To Vegetarians, Vegans, Meat-Eaters, and Beyond:

It really brings me down to hear so many people bash each other based on their eating habits and rituals. I believe we individually have the right to feed our bodies whatever we desire, regardless, of  dietary labeling. So, I have recently converted to veganism, but if I choose to eat meat once out of the month, does that make me any less of a good person? No, it doesn’t. I do not believe in practicing textbook definitions and obeying their every word. That’s like expecting someone to have a perfectly balanced nutritious meal at every sitting. People are imperfect. We  all carry different beliefs and are flawed individuals. To me, that’s one of the greatest things about life. I have the freedom to be whoever I want to be. You can snicker at me, judge me, and mock my ways, but I cherish those who choose to support me and my way of life.

On that note, I had not one, but TWO bagels today. So what?

Did you know bagels are vegan?

Always check the listed ingredients and labeling if you aren’t sure!

2 thoughts on “To Vegetarians, Vegans, Meat-Eaters, and Beyond:

  1. As leader of a vegan meetup group and writer of a vegan blog, I often hear comments “against” vegetarians or flexaterians or the veg-curious. I believe the path to veganism is a journey and not something anyone “perfects” on their first try. I also believe that every little step, every choice counts. The veg-curious are likely to turn into vegetarians if not attacked and the vegetarians usually continue down the road to some form of vegan. It’s progress, not perfection. If you used to eat meat on a regular basis but now only eat it once a month – that is amazing progress!

  2. I think it is best not to label yourself at all as that act automatically separates us from each other. I’m not vegan, I’m me! I like to say that I choose not to eat animals and their products as opposed to that I CAN’T. It’s all about choices and if you choose to eat meat once a month, well that’s way better than most North Americans who eat meat 2-3 times per day, everyday!

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